Johnny Devil

Branding + Website + Stationery + T-shirts

Beginning as a vision from a local Gold Coast chef, Johnny Devil has pushed the boundaries of what it means to be a chef. Instead of being a job, Johnny Devil sees being a chef as a culture. We partnered with Johnny Devil to make that vision reality by creating a unique brand, around an equally unique profession.

Custom Typography Logo

Starting with just a pencil and paper, our lead designer Brandon Els worked on perfecting this logo to embody the Johnny Devil's brand. With small details that nodto the Johnny Devils name throughout the typography, this logo is symbolises everything Mel wanted the brand to be.

Johnny Devil website screenshot

Streetwear Designs

The heart of Johnny Devil lies in the apparel and the culture. 40/40 Creative sourced and designed the shirts, beanies, and hats seen on the website. These items are perfect for accompanying the useful and stylish chefs apparel which is featured on the site.

Project Credits

Creative DirectorNic Nichols
Lead DesignerBrandon Els
PhotographyBrandon Els
Project ManagerNic Nichols