Hannah Polites

Complete Creative Package

We have created a complete creative package for Insta-Famous Hannah Polites, providing a hand drawn logo and a custom developed blog for all of her followers to enjoy! Hannah's blog is an outlet to express her passions and asperations in life with her constantly growing following count of over 600K! "It's basically an organic collection of who I am and what I love", leaving 40/40 to deliver the best work tailored for her industry.


Hannah has a massive following to promote her favourite brands, foods and lifestyle. Through bright, colourful and positive imagery, Hannah began documenting her active living journey on Instagram for her own personal use in 2012. Now with over 700,000 followers it’s clear that Hannah’s passion, determination and drive in life captured the attention of many along the way.

Hannah's Lifestyle

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Hannah's Blog

Hannah Polites' custom developed blog allows to express her lifestyle even further. Follow Hannah's blog to find her hidden healthy eating habits, ways to stay fit and healthy and live your life in style!

Project Credits

Creative DirectorNic Nichols
Lead DesignerNic Nichols
Lead DeveloperMarais Rossouw
Assisting DeveloperDarron Eggins
Project ManagerTy Kudla