Diversify OSS


Diversify ISS recently transformed to Diversify OSS after they went through a complete rebranding. From name, logo, colour palette and website. Every aspect of Diversify was thoroughly redesigned and developed.

Logo Development

For Diversify OSS we wanted to create a corporate, modern logo that also helped encapsulate the companies culture. Below are our first six concepts that were pitched. Colours and iconography played a big part in the design process. The end result was the most minimal and memorable of the six, showing the straighforwardness and transparency of Diversify OSS.

Brand Identity

We wanted to create a memorable brand. A brand that you would recognise, even if you have never used, or may never need their services. This would be achieved by using strong design, imagery and a specific colour palette.

Website Design & Development

A companies website is one of their biggest sales tool. As Diversify OSS is an International company it was important that we were able to showcase that quickly and efficiently on the website. While also being able to stand head and shoulders above their competition in the arms of website design and functionality.

Welcome to the city, that is Divercity

We wanted something no one could emulate. Something that intrigues people, while also luring them deeper into the Diversify OSS experience. By creating this custom city in conjunction with international 3D artist Peter Tarka we were able to showcase what it is like to work for and with Diversify OSS. As well as the culture, the process, and the overall feel.

Print Advertising

Print media is notoriously flat. We want people to look at our designs and not only be excited, but intrigued to learn more about Diversify OSS. By using certain elements of the city we created stimulating print advertising that would not only work against our target market, but also push brand awareness.

Project Credits

Creative DirectorBrandon Els
Lead DesignerBrandon Els
DeveloperDarron Eggins
3D ArtistPeter Tarka
Project ManagerNic Nichols