Cross Promotions

Brand Identity + Graphic Design + Creative Consultation

Cross Promotions International is an industry leading agency specialising in Bar Management, Festivals and Events, Media, Entertainment and Nightlife. Established in the early1990's, Cross Promotions International is renowned for our energy and enthusiasm and are the driving force behind event such as Summafieldayze, Future Music Festival andParklife.

We were engaged to complete their brand evolution and have also work with their team in delivery of event promotional creative.

Services summary:

  • Brand creative development
  • Development of corporate suite; business cards, letterheads, corporate documents, email signatures
  • Office signage design and project management
  • Graphic Design (Print and digital)
  • Creative consultation

Corporate Re-brand + Suite

It was a pleasure to help a Gold Coast born and bred company that has acheived so much over their timeline. Forty has assisted in reinforcing a strong branding concept, and protraying this over a range of mediums.

Previous Branding

Letterpress Business Cards

When you'e achieved such a status such as Cross Promotions, it's only right that you deserve to hand out letterpress business cards. We engaged The Artisan Press to help us create a card that was classy and nothing less. Which is why we ended up with this 800gsm extra black stock with gold foil and gold edging.

600gsm Nutro Black
Gold Brushed Edges
Cross Promotions business card mockups

Project Credits

Creative DirectorNic Nichols
Lead DesignerNic Nichols
Letterpress PrinterThe Artisan Press
Project ManagerTy Kudla