Boardstix Australia

Website + Photography + Video Production + Board Art

California based company 'Boardstix' makes Paint Pens to help you personalize your surfboard, skateboard, bmx, helmets, snowboards etc. We helped produce their Australian brandidentity to establish their mark here with a full e-commerce website, packaging and also a promotional video.


Alley Cat x Boardstix

To help with the promotion of the Boardstix video, we enlisted our good friend and artist Lachlan Hansen to help paint a long board to display the use of the Boardstix paint pens. He painted one of his signature Alley Cat characters utilising various mediums of the Boardstix paint pen selection.

Project Credits

Creative DirectorNic Nichols
Lead DesignerBrandon Els
PhotographyTim Caraco
VideographyTim Caraco
ArtistLachlan Hansen
Project ManagerTy Kudla