Beach Brewing Co

Illustrative Design + Product Presentation

Creating an identity from scratch is always a great process. Beach Brewing Co is a business that specialises in top-level dairy products. Through multiple concepts, we decided to start with a custom illustrated whale icon and then built the text elements around this. You will see the whale plays a large part in the majority of collateral. This adds a memorable element for shoppers and prospective customers to familiarise themselves with to create brand awareness within their market.

Packaging Concepts

From cultured butter to iced coffees this branding was not only adaptable but memorable. One top of the use of the strong colours and the aforementioned whale, we introduced the hand drawn typography to add another level of relatablitily. Which not only made the packaging unique but added to the rustic, beachy feel.

Brand Identity

In the end, the aim was to create a fresh brand identity in an already saturated market. By creating the style, tone, and presentation of the Beach Brewing Co. we not only created a new force in the dairy industry but something that didn't conform to the industry norm.

Project Credits

Creative DirectorNic Nichols
Lead DesignerNic Nichols
Letterpress PrinterThe Artisan Press
Project ManagerTy Kudla